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Long term results



Tired of giving recruiters a chance and never seeing any results? Or worse yet, never hearing from them again? We are focused on every engagement and you will never wonder where we are in our process. Regardless of circumstance we provide regular, accurate and honest updates. 

For job seekers we are committed to the same principle: listening first and becoming informed to your career goals. We respect your time, so if we don't have a job fitting your needs you won't sit through a pointless pitch. You tell us your criteria and we go to work for you, not the other way around.  

Our E P I C Placement services involve a series of processes designed to counter the frustrations of many hiring managers and job seekers. We educate ourselves on your company, your team, your style as a manager and every detail we feel necessary to landing the top talent. 

We align with great employers and exceptional talent, finding long term solutions for both. E P I C Placements is built around these principles, matching professionals with companies in full time employment relationships.


Do you need a resource you can trust, who will work with great attention to detail and truly care about your hiring as much as you do?

We recognize there can be especially challenging roles to fill and talent to find, and for these circumstances we offer E P I C Retainment. 

When employers are facing extremely confidential and challenging recruiting efforts, we offer retained services to enter into exclusive partnerships for those critical assignments. This is the highest level of mutual commitment to ensuring a successful outcome for all parties. 

We become heavily involved in your entire hiring process and are a true extension of your company in the marketplace. Whether it is for one role or many, E P I C Retainment ensures you have dedicated resources working the most critical openings. 

Interested in making extra cash with your connections? 

Join the E P I C Network here and stay tuned!